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Using Persona's to Get to Your Annuity Pot of Gold

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We thought we'd share a great tip to help you reach your own "pot of gold". Establishing and targeting personas is a key tool to grow your business and here's why.

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10 Reasons Why Life Insurance is a Viable Asset Class

Life insurance is a powerful asset that demands a place in your client’s financial portfolio due to its unique risk and return characteristics. 
Did you know that the underlying mathematical principles dictate that life insurance is the highest returning, safest asset a client can own?

Portfolios, regardless of the size, should be as diversified as possible, right? Well, whereas most portfolios include real estate, stocks and bonds; life insurance is often overlooked. Now, with solid IRR mathematics, you can add the tax-free asset of life insurance to the mix as well. 

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5 Guidelines for a Successful Section 1035 Exchange

What Financial Advisors Need to Know

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Back to the Basics: Cross-Selling for Financial Advisors

The beginning of a new year is a great time to try something new with the hope of growing your practice as a financial advisor. There are millions of “how-to” articles floating around the web all boasting of great ideas and innovative ways to grow your prospect base or get more clients. Growing your client base is an admirable goal, however, it can sometimes take a significant investment of your time if you are not familiar with the tools and technology available to you. That’s why we suggest getting back to the basics with good old-fashioned cross-selling.

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Best Practices For A Financial Advisors LinkedIn Page

8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Page GREAT!

Today you can find information about almost anyone with a simple Google search. Having a top notch LinkedIn page is a great way to market yourself to future prospects and clients alike. If a prospect were looking for a new financial advisor and stumbled upon your page, you want to make sure what they see entices them to give you a call!

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These 8 Tips are sure to get your profile noticed...

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What To Do With An ILIT When the Estate Is No Longer Taxable

Ask yourself this important question... 

Since the federal estate tax exemption is $5.43 million (single) and $10.86 million (married), does paying premiums for life insurance owned by an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) that was purchased years ago when the estate tax exemption was much lower make sense anymore?

Are there other important retirement and protection needs that could be covered with the annual premium that has been gifted to the ILIT for many years? 

A current no-lapse single-life universal life (UL) policy or no-lapse survivorship universal life (SUL) policy may still provide a good internal rate of return (IRR) on death benefit at life expectancy. And the pre-tax equivalent is even better because the life insurance death benefit is income tax free. However, the federal estate tax exemption may have only been between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 when the trust-owned policy was purchased and it made sense at the time to offset projected estate taxes with estate tax free insurance owned by the ILIT.

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10 of the Best Financial Advisor Tools

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, just when you think you have figured something out there is a new upgrade or add-on that will make it even better. Now more than ever it is crucial for financial advisors to utilize and understand the tools available to them. So, to help you along the way BSMG has compiled 10 of the top tools that successful financial advisors and insurance professionals simply can't live without. 

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4 Reasons to Sell Life Insurance to Multicultural Clients

Key Facts to Help You Understand and Capture Diverse Markets 

Looking to find new clients? Here's some things all financial advisors should know about four distinct multicultural groups with rising purchasing power in the US. These 4 fast facts will help you to recognize opportunities that exist within these diverse markets to help you grow your life insurance sales and your business. You can also check out our recent post on selling life insurance to women - Women and Life Insurance: A Force to Be Reckoned With

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7 Lessons to Attract and Retain Female Clients

Women today are working more, earning more and taking an increasing role in their family’s financial planning. For advisors, a focus on women - with a understanding of their needs, and a willingness to approach financial planning in a way that works for them - can result in a solid client base.  

In general, women are loyal. If they’re satisfied with their advisor relationship, they’ll be more than willing to provide referrals.  In fact, recent surveys have revealed that more women look to a financial professional for advice before family and friends or even a spouse or partner. The same surves publicized that nine out of every ten of the women who participated took positive steps after receiving advice. These steps included making changes in their spending habits, increasing the amount they save each month and setting up an emergency fund.

Looking for a way to tap into this potential? Here are seven lessons for serving your female customers.  

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Have your clients said no to Life Insurance?

Something for your clients to think about this weekend...

When shared with your clients, this consumer friendly infographic will help to put Life Insurance in perspective. There is a "coverage crisis" in the US and it is our duty, as members of the industry, to help close the income replacement gap. For more on the coverage crisis check out out our recent blog post:Life Insurance Coverage Crisis Hits the U.S. – Millions in Harm’s Way!

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