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High Risk Life Insurance Underwriting at it's Finest

The Case Challenge:

A 75 yeaIr old gentleman was previously deemed uninsurable by 7 life companies for $9,000,000 of Survivorship coverage due to extensive coronary artery disease history. An initial clinical triage unveiled past inferior and anteroseptal heart attacks, diffuse coronary artery disease, enlarged heart, Stage II chronic kidney disease and a 2012 brain injury.

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Letter to a Broker Series: Life Insurance Sales Tips

Welcome to the first installment of Brokers’ Service Marketing Group's “Letter to a Broker” series. We asked our sales team to craft insightful blogs based on topics they cover every day. Our first letter looks at helpful life insurance sales tips like "ancient" health history, field underwriting, the importance of existing policy information and more! Without further ado, let’s talk.

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Impaired Risk Series Iss. 2 - Turning a Declined Client, Due to Recurrent Cancer, into Approved for Life Insurance

The Challenge:

A 76 year old gentleman and his 73-year-old spouse applying for $8,000,000 SUL coverage.  The female previously declined by several insurance carriers due to recurrent Stage Ta papillary bladder cancer with multiple transurethral resections and adjuvant chemotherapy.  Moreover, the client experienced two high grade recurrences in the last (2) years with aggressive treatment tied to both events. 

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Impaired Risk Series Iss. 1 - Approach to a Severely Under Water Plan

The Challenge:

The client, a highly successful business owner in his 70’s, was sold a permanent life insurance policy funded through a Premium Financing arrangement. He had become concerned about the current performance and whether or not it was still the best product for his situation. With a shared concern, his agent dug deeper. What he found as he dug into the details of the case was a very challenging situation, one which needed fixing.

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Taking Home the Gold with Risk Differentiation Underwriting

In a market where financial plans and life insurance cases are often classified by their statistical groupings rather than the nuances that are inherently present within them; where can the ultra-affluent go to find solutions to match their extra-ordinary lifestyles? They turn to advisors, like yourself, to produce the best possible results under their unique circumstances. BSMG's experts saw the need for a new approach in presenting these highly significant cases to carriers. As a result, BSMG created Risk Differentiation Underwriting (RDU). 

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Risk Differentiation Underwriting: Video Case Study

Risk Differentiation Underwriting Delivers Results... But don't take our word for it, the results speak for themselves.

Dennis Kay, CEO Dennis Kay & Company, discusses how Risk Differentiation Underwriting helped him place the largest case of his career.


Want to Learn How RDU Turned Multiple Declines Into a
$2.5M Placed Case?

Download the Real-world Case Study Now

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