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Optimizing Required Minimum Distributions

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) are always a hot button with brokers and clients, especially recently when Donald Trump asked the Treasury Department to examine RMD life expectancy and distribution tables due to longer life expectancy and more people working well into their 70’s. Nevertheless, RMDs “are what they are”, a required distribution that every individual who turns 70.5 must start taking from their IRAs. At its simplest level, an RMD will be withdrawn and either deposited into a client’s checking account, or reinvested. Let’s look at other ways to utilize an RMD.

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When will this Bull Market end?

Anyone seen Doc Brown’s Delorean Around?

When will this Bull Market end? Short of grabbing a ride in Doc’s time machine, there’s no way to know…but it’s a hot topic right now. Almost every day there seems to be an article prognosticating that “The End is near for the Economic Boom” (Fortune July 19, 2018) or “Here’s why the Dow will hit 40,000 by 2025” (CNBC July 10, 2018).  There are convincing points on both sides for how long our “Bull” will last this time around. Buzzwords abound as well: Ultra-low unemployment, a looming trade war with China, the threat of inflation, persistently low interest rates, another bubble? Here's a question to consider. 

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Letter to a Broker Series: Fixed Index Annuities

Welcome back to the newest installment of Brokers’ Service Marketing Group's “Letter to a Broker” series. In this collection of blogs, we ask our sales team to create insightful pieces based on topics they cover every day. Our second letter takes an in-depth look at one of the industry’s finest products: fixed index annuities.

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[Video Blog] - A Growth and Protection Story

People often underestimate the financial responsibilities of parents. Outside of careers and taking care of the kids, acting as a financial officer within a family can seem like a full-time job. This job can include tracking budgets, paying bills, and making decisions about savings. Debating on when and how much to save for retirement can fall into this category. With an unpredictable economy, we are often unsure of how to make these decisions as we get closer and closer to retirement. When to start saving? How much to save? Is the money being saved in the right place? These are questions better left to the professionals.

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Things You Need To Know About FIA's


Market volatility and low rates adversely affecting retirement assets?

Not with FIA's!

During high market volatility and low rates, advisors often lean towards FIA’s as a safe money asset; offering protection from potential loss, while still allowing for modest upside potential. 

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[Video Blog] Protect Your Clients' Retirement with QLACs

60% of Baby Boomers are More Afraid of Outliving Their Retirement Savings Than Their Death

How are you answering your clients' No. 1 fear of running out of money in retirement? BSMG's VP, Retirement Wealth Strategies, Rob Cantin, discusses how Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) can protect your clients' retirement income and increase your annuity sales. 

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Why You Should be Selling Fixed Indexed Annuities


What are you doing to diversify you're business and grow your clients' portfolios? With interest rates continuing to rise, regulatory changes and consumers seeking bundled options and simpler solutions, are you adjusting your sales approach?

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BSMG's Highest Rated Annuity Blogs

June not only marks the beginning of summer, it also marks the beginning of Annuity Awareness Month! This is a great time to talk to your clients about annuities. According to LIMRA, Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) sales hit record levels in 2016, and there is a reason why! Find out more about the power of annuities with our top annuity blogs below. 

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Tax Advantages of Annuities

We all balk at the many get rich quick schemes clients may be exposed to today. However, have you ever stopped to think about whether their current investment strategy is driving them to slowly go broke?

By the time taxes and inflation eat into your client's already modest gains made on a bank savings account, money market, or CD, their purchasing power is dwindling, ever so slowly. So slowly, in fact, that it's almost imperceptible. 

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Is the Bull Market in for a Market Correction?

 The stock market is on it's 18 month high and up 230% since March of 2009! So when will this bull market end? A market correction could be in the near future. Now is the time to have a conversation with your clients on their investment gain opportunities and the up sides of Fixed Indexed Annuities. Read More

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