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Minimizing Tax Implications by Using Life Insurance for Retirement Income

Do you have investors who have reached their qualified plan annual contribution limits and are looking for additional ways to create supplemental retirement income? Income replacement is often the primary reason to consider purchasing a life insurance policy, it is often overlooked as a component of a solid financial strategy tailored to address ALL your client’s specific needs. While there are many vehicles to choose from, it is important to know how life insurance may fit within your client’s short-term and long term financial goals.

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Quick & Easy Policy Management - LifeTrack from John Hancock

Spending time worrying about managing your clients' life insurance policies?

Introducing LifeTrack — John Hancock's industry-first policy management solution that helps your clients meet their insurance goals.

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7 Sources for Potential Foreign National Clients

Take a quick look around you and think about the different faces you see every day on your way to work, getting coffee or in your neighborhood. The key to expanding your practice could be sitting right in front of you. 

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Before & After: Transforming Premiums with Vitality

What if you could provide your clients with a valuable and rewarding insurance solution that could also differentiate you in the market? 

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