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Annuity Awareness Month 2023

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Annuity rates have seen unprecedented increases in the past year. Now is a great time to take advantage of the best rates we have seen in a generation despite markets being relatively flat after a year of extreme volatility. For more details, check out the infographic below.

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PEAK 65: The Prospecting Boom of a Lifetime

Meeting the challenges presented by “Peak 65 clients” will be a key business development opportunity for financial professionals over the next few years.  With each passing day, the need for a new retirement security framework that provides adequate protected income for Americans grows more urgent. Since the current framework focuses largely on asset accumulation, the new framework must include a focus on how protected income can provide the security necessary to maintain one’s standard of living in retirement.

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Let Them Eat Calamari!

There’s been enough research showing the value of certain annuity products in retirement.  This article is not about solving that problem in a left-brained way.  It is about connecting with clients in a very human way. The “Next Chapter advisors”, those who are often in the same phases of life with their retiring clients, can use their own expertise with accumulation and investing to focus on the “now”. That’s a different mindset that requires an empathy clients will embrace.

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Where is AG 49-B Taking Us?

In this article, Bobby dives into the base level of knowledge about Indexed UL illustrations, the previous forms of AG 49, the impact of using engineered indices with fixed interest bonuses and the basic mechanics of the recent revisions to AG 49-A, colloquially referred to as AG 49-B.

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Annual Review Reveals Change in Focus for Retired Clients 

Protection needs can change over time - especially at retirement. The attached case study highlights an innovative strategy from BSMG that exceeded clients' expectations.

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May Product & Carrier Updates

At BSMG we know how important it is to stay up-to-date on all product and carrier updates. To ensure that you can stay in the know on everything, we've compiled the most important updates for you (see below).

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