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Vive - Your Job Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Posted by Vive on 13 May 2019

Term Insurance Revolutionized

Vive is revolutionizing the term insurance business? 5 minute online orders, no paperwork, and underwriting offers in as little as 24 hours.  Vive also creates a better experience for you and your client. Period. This revolutionary platform can make an important difference in the ease, speed-to-issue, and profitability of your term life business. See some of the benefits of using Vive below. 

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2: to grant or give a share in often used with with
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Between morning workouts, trying to catch the last half of your child’s soccer game that started at 3:30, and finishing up the presentation for your client, you are so busy! You realize as you’re driving to your client’s house you forgot the quote. Don’t panic… ANYONE can get onto Vive and run the quote using our Share a Quote feature. The quote will be emailed to you and next time you’re logged into the Vive site, it will be saved under Saved Orders so you don’t have to start from scratch when submitting it. Your job just got a whole lot easier!


1: To bring about at an earlier time.
2: To cause to move faster
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Imagine applying for life insurance and getting a policy in days rather than weeks? Imagine not being examined, weighed, or stuck with a needle?

Vive is revolutionary, a look into the future, a new way to submit term life insurance! Do you have healthy clients under age 60 looking for term under 1 million dollars? With Vive’s propriety access to the carriers accelerated underwriting processes, this could be your new reality! So don’t turn away that term case! Use Vive! Our process allows you to submit a case in 5 minutes or less!  

Give us a call today at 888.456.3223 ext. 135 to get a live demo of the Vive site!  

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