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Insuring Your Client's Portfolio


What are you doing to ensure your clients' portfolios are protected? Here's how to implement a life insurance sales strategy that will protect your clients and the assets you manage.

How do you start the conversation of life insurance with your clients? Perhaps you begin by storytelling to help your clients visualize a situation in which their lives are impacted to show how life insurance would help. The scenario that's all too familiar is when the husband (or wife) dies and doesn't have life insurance. What happens to the surviving spouse? They're often forced to start spending down their investments in order to make ends meets. 

Their investments quickly deplete.

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Minimizing Tax Implications by Using Life Insurance for Retirement Income

Do you have investors who have reached their qualified plan annual contribution limits and are looking for additional ways to create supplemental retirement income? Income replacement is often the primary reason to consider purchasing a life insurance policy, it is often overlooked as a component of a solid financial strategy tailored to address ALL your client’s specific needs. While there are many vehicles to choose from, it is important to know how life insurance may fit within your client’s short-term and long term financial goals.

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3 Spooky Life Insurance Stories

No coverage? Coverage in just the nick of time? Just barely having the right type of coverage? 3 scenarios your clients do not want to leave up to chance...

We all know there is an enormous coverage gap for life insurance in the US today. It is far too often that we hear advisors shy away from the conversation of life insurance to avoid an uncomfortable situation. These three stories bring to life the importance of life insurance, and will hopefully reinforce for you the need to have the conversation with every family with whom you have the opportunity. Don't let your clients wait till it is too late to find out how important life insurance really is. 

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These 3 Spooky Stories will scare the "life" out of you...

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[Video Blog] On-Demand Webinar on Rescuing Overloaned Policies

Does your client have a policy that has a 80% - 90% loan to value ratio? There are options available. Loan rescue is one of the best sales solution of the year! 

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Improve Whole Life Policies with Less Capital

Many clients have found themselves with existing whole life insurance policies that are "floating out to sea." This is often the unexpected result of having an overloaned policy due to large cash withdrawals or unintended APLs (Automatic Premium Loans).  With the increasing commonality of these scenarios, carriers have begun to implement programs that can offer your client's policy, not just a life raft, but a full-blown rescue mission!

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Keeping the Doctor Away With No Exam Life Insurance

Is No Exam Life Insurance Right for Your Client?

Agents across the nation are seeing a rapidly growing trend of families requesting no medical exam life insurance products. It isn’t for everyone, but it certainly has its place. 

For instance, you bring up the importance of life insurance for your client’s family security, but they have some concerns about having to undergo a medical exam. This should be an indication that a Simplified Issue Life Insurance policy may be up for discussion. Whether or not this no exam life insurance option is right for your client depends on your client’s needs, age, health, and buyer profile.

With the new “no-exam” programs coming to market, your healthy clients can now get the protection they need at generally the same price as traditionally underwritten products.

What are the indicators, you ask? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you, the advisor, should look for from your clients…

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