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[Video Blog] On-Demand Webinar on Rescuing Overloaned Policies

Does your client have a policy that has a 80% - 90% loan to value ratio? There are options available. Loan rescue is one of the best sales solution of the year! 

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Improve Whole Life Policies with Less Capital

Many clients have found themselves with existing whole life insurance policies that are "floating out to sea." This is often the unexpected result of having an overloaned policy due to large cash withdrawals or unintended APLs (Automatic Premium Loans).  With the increasing commonality of these scenarios, carriers have begun to implement programs that can offer your client's policy, not just a life raft, but a full-blown rescue mission!

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Real Danger of Large Loans on Life Insurance Policies

If you sold whole life insurance in the 80's and 90's it is likely that you have encountered a client who has fallen into the unexpected scenario of having an overloaned policy and feeling at a loss of how to bring that policy "back to life".

Withdrawals of large cash loans, or unintended APLs (Automatic Premium Loans) often has put policy holders in a financially disastrous position. We have fielded countless calls from advisors like yourself who have a client who did not realize that missing premium payments would result in APLs and the accruing interest on these loans. The snowball effect of these loans has put these clients in a position where moving the policy may be the best or only solution. This epidemic is an even greater problem for whole life insurance policies where the dollar outlays are higher due to the low interest rate environment that emerged over the last twenty years.

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