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Pitch a 'No-Hitter' for Team LTCi

Use this list of suggested talking points to hit a homerun for long-term care insurance against these top 4 client objections.

Client: Long-term care coverage is too expensive.
Agent: Life Insurance with a long-term care rider can be surprisingly affordable. While the exact cost will vary based on your age, sex and other factors, the cost of adding the rider to your policy can be offset by other advantages and benefits - choice, control and flexibility.

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Before & After: Transforming Premiums with Vitality

What if you could provide your clients with a valuable and rewarding insurance solution that could also differentiate you in the market? 

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Unknown Facts That Affect Clients' Retirement

Ask your clients:

  • Will you have enough MONEY for retirement?
  • How will you handle medical expenses in retirement if you or your spouse were to experience a serious illness?

The option for clients to access their death benefit while living can be an important deciding factor when purchasing a life insurance policy. Living benefits provide your clients the ability to turn their life insurance policy into a safety-net for the unexpected.

Use this client-facing infographic to highlight a few staggering statistics that may just change the way your clients feel about buying life insurance.

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