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Your Clients Need Options: GUL With ROP May Help

Picture this: your 40-year-old client, Mr. Johnson, has been busy climbing the corporate ladder and was recently promoted to a vice president position with his company. He books a trip to an all-inclusive, luxury golf resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Upon arrival, he checks his email from the office, only to learn of an urgent work issue that requires his immediate attention. He spends the next several days dealing with the matter from his hotel room instead of hitting the links, unwinding by the pool or enjoying a rejuvenating massage in the resort spa.

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[Video Blog] Generations Matter Generation X Equals Increased Opportunity for GUL

Did you know that members of Generation X need 16 times their final salary to retire comfortably?  They need options to help them build a predictable financial future. Appeal to their needs with a flexible solution that gives them powerful options.

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Provide Double the Flexibility of GUL With ROP

Have you ever layered your clothing in cool or inclement weather? The point of dressing with multiple garments atop each other is that doing so is practical (air trapped between two thin layers serves as thermal insulation, without adding bulky weight) and allows for flexibility (removing a layer or two helps adapt to warming temperatures). An inner layer may help wick sweat to other layers and a top layer often serves to protect from wind and rain. By using more or fewer layers, you have the ability to optimize your attire to match the needs of each situation. Similarly, you may be able to layer multiple cash-value life insurance policies to optimize practicality and flexibility for clients.

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