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Which clients should you meet with this tax season?

Tax season is the ideal time to reach out to clients in order to ensure that their assets are protected from unnecessary taxation. Clients are more aware of their impending tax liability than at any other time of the year. By coming to them with solutions, you can build trust and set the table for future sales. 

We asked our in-house CPA which clients financial advisors and insurance professionals need to meet with this tax season and here’s some advice...

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5 Tips to Provide Gold Medal Service as a Financial Advisor

Did you know the first summer Olympics were hosted 120 years ago in Greece? That means, for the last 120 years, athletes have been working their hardest to become the best in their sport. With the Olympics kicking off this week, we wanted to look into some ways that you can become a gold medal financial advisor for your clients! Check out the top 5 ways to win the gold and wow your clients below. 

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The Need for a Formal Written Retirement Plan in a Digital World

Retirement planning represents both a MASSIVE risk and a MAJOR opportunity for you, the financial planner or professional. Do it well, and grow your practice to unprecedented levels. Don’t do it at all, and run the risk of leaving a boatload of money on the table.

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