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Financial Advisor Marketing Tips: Words that Work

Most Popular Sales Pitch...

It's amazing the amount of content that a simple query brings up in a Google search. Page after page of things you should say, things NEVER to say and prospecting phrases that are sure to bring in business. It isn't as simple as canned pitches. Our industry isn't a catch all, every client is truly unique and should be treated as such. Upon searching we stumbled upon an article from InsuranceNewsNet that discusses 10 Financial Phrases to Ban... and What to Say Instead. Below, we've shared the phrases we found most helpful, along with other powerful financial advisor marketing tips.

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Back to the Basics: Cross-Selling for Financial Advisors

The beginning of a new year is a great time to try something new with the hope of growing your practice as a financial advisor. There are millions of “how-to” articles floating around the web all boasting of great ideas and innovative ways to grow your prospect base or get more clients. Growing your client base is an admirable goal, however, it can sometimes take a significant investment of your time if you are not familiar with the tools and technology available to you. That’s why we suggest getting back to the basics with good old-fashioned cross-selling.

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