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5 LTC Questions to Review with Your Clients

Do you and your clients know the odds?  The chances of an older adult having at least one chronic condition is 91%, and 73% have at least two!  

Your clients may be under the misconception that Medicare and health insurance will cover a long term illness. However, the truth is currently neither will cover the costs related to a long term illness. So, how do you begin the conversation of life insurance with long term care and critical illness riders with your clients?  Start by having them ask themselves the following 5 questions. 

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Access Tax-Free Life Insurance Benefits While Living

The importance of Long Term Care (LTC) and Chronic Illness (CI) riders is more crucial than ever. By adding on these valuable options your clients can access tax-free life insurance benefits while living. Take a look at the benefits of AIG's Accelerated Access Solutions (AAS) as an example in this hypothetical case study. 

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The 5 Ws of Chronic Illness Care

Life expectancies are increasing and new medications are being created to treat many conditions. Generally speaking, people are living longer. There's a renewed sense of focus and attention to living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, and exercising. That said, there is still one glaring concern that could throw a monkey wrench into someone's plans – the existence of a Chronic Illness and subsequent care of that illness. Now more than ever your clients should have Long Term Care (LTC) or Chronic Illness (CI) riders on their life policies.

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