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8 Opportunities to Talk to Your Clients About Term Life Insurance

Posted by Vive on 14 Feb 2018

Term Life Insurance prospects are everywhere. You just need to know where to find them. Agents have shared countless stories with us about "picking up" clients in all kinds of places, from the gym to the grocery store line, even in the bar! There is a reason we've made selling term life insurance fast and easy; it is because there are so many reasons to offer it to your clients and prospects! Check out these 8 term opportunities that open a gateway into having the conversation!


What's the number one thing you talk to your clients about when you sit down for a meeting or chat over the phone? We're guessing you don't jump right into numbers and quotes right? Most likely you know a little bit about their lives. You may ask about their kids, their house, or that new boat they bought last month. This is part of what makes you a great advisor, being personable. What if we could use those tidbits of knowledge to sell more term insurance?

  1. New House- Traditionally, consumers start to think about life insurance when they are facing key life events. Buying a new home is one of those key events! Term insurance is the ideal solution because it can be customized to meet your needs; it provides the protection you need, gives you options to align with the length of your mortgage, and is affordable! 

  2. New Baby- Welcoming a new baby into the family is most likely the best (and scariest) day of your clients' lives. Those maternal/paternal instincts are a force to be reckoned with. Make sure your clients know about child riders that are available on many term policies, as well as the importance of protecting that child's future by insuring their own lives.

  3. Education Funding- Many parents start planning for their child's education before the baby is even born. Advising your clients to get a term policy ensures that their children's education is paid for, no matter what happens to them down the road. Strategies like laddering term life insurance can help to stagger coverage amounts to cover educational needs.

  4. Estate Planning- Whenever two people get married or enter into a long-term relationship, they should have their first encounter with estate planning. At a minimum, term life insurance, and a will, should be part of any estate planning process.

  5. Life Insurance Gifting- Although it may not seem like the most exciting gift, life insurance is a great gift option for adult children or relatives. Whether the parent owns the policy outright, gifts it, or assists with premium payments, locking in insurability now and teaching their children the value of insurance is a great lesson.

  6. Cross-Purchase Buy-Sell Agreement- Do you have a business partner or a co-owner to your business? Have you ever thought about how your business would be protected if anything ever happened to one of you? Business partners may wish to have a cross-purchase buy-sell agreement that is funded with life insurance on each other’s life. Term insurance may be a great fit for these situations as the agreement may last for a specified term period. Your business owner clients will appreciate your guidance on this. 

  7. Bridging the Financial Gap- As the market is finally starting to climb out of its 8-year slump, many people do not have as much money to pass on to their heirs as they had planned for. For these clients, a term life policy can help to bridge the financial gap between past and current asset values if they should die before they can fully rebuild their portfolio. 

  8. Long Term Care (LTC)- This can be one of the hardest conversations to have with your clients. No one wants to talk about what will happen as they near the end of their life. Issuing a term policy with an LTC rider is a great solution. Many clients age 55 and older will want this additional coverage as it will further protect their heirs from the suffocating costs of LTC down the road.

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