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Financial Advisor Marketing Tips: Words that Work

Most Popular Sales Pitch...

It's amazing the amount of content that a simple query brings up in a Google search. Page after page of things you should say, things NEVER to say and prospecting phrases that are sure to bring in business. It isn't as simple as canned pitches. Our industry isn't a catch all, every client is truly unique and should be treated as such. Upon searching we stumbled upon an article from InsuranceNewsNet that discusses 10 Financial Phrases to Ban... and What to Say Instead. Below, we've shared the phrases we found most helpful, along with other powerful financial advisor marketing tips.

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Why You Should be Selling Fixed Indexed Annuities


What are you doing to diversify you're business and grow your clients' portfolios? With interest rates continuing to rise, regulatory changes and consumers seeking bundled options and simpler solutions, are you adjusting your sales approach?

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Calculators to Help Identify Client Needs

When you sit down with your clients are you answering key financial questions relating to their savings, taxes, insurance, education, business or retirement investments?

Your client comes to you for your expertise and depends on you to provide them with a strong plan for their future. Don't waste time by using a hand held calculator to compute complex equations or fumbling with excel, or worse a paper form. Get quick, clear cut information with automated financial calculators so you can properly and easily answer questions like these:

  • How their 401(k) or Roth IRA will affect their retirement?
  • How the inflation rate will impact their retirement income needs?
  • How taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free investments may compare?
  • How long their money will last?
  • How much they'll earn in their lifetime?
  • How much they should save for college funds?
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Is the Bull Market in for a Market Correction?

 The stock market is on it's 18 month high and up 230% since March of 2009! So when will this bull market end? A market correction could be in the near future. Now is the time to have a conversation with your clients on their investment gain opportunities and the up sides of Fixed Indexed Annuities. Read More

The Secret to Combating Longevity Risk with Fixed Indexed Annuities

 "52% of consumers did not save enough money prior to retiring, and 77% believe they have insufficient protection from the possibility of outliving their income." According to Genworth's survey "The Future of Retirement Income." Read More

Four Ways To Grow Client Interest in Annuities


Fixed indexed annuities posted $16.2 billion in sales through June 30, which is 30% higher than the same period last year...Fixed indexed annuities attained their highest-ever annual sales total last year, reported InvestmentNews.

How are you presenting annuities to your clients? Do you tee up the conversation before just jumping straight into why they should purchase an annuity? Often clients will become reserved if someone recommends the purchase of an annuity without totally comprehending the details of what the product really is and can do. The best way to present annuities to your clients is through story telling; paint a picture with the most favorable outcomesIf you describe all the advantages annuities offer to secure retirement, then explain the product, your client is more likely to be receptive and willing to purchase an annuity. 

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Adding Marketing to Your Life Insurance Sales Strategy

The number one reason that people purchase life insurance policies is to protect the ones they love. All too often we hear horrible stories of people who unexpectedly pass away and their families are left scrambling. Life insurance can be a difficult topic to talk about but finding the time to discuss it with your clients is so important. Life Happens is a website that advocates for life insurance awareness. They create campaigns that are dedicated to educating people on the important role life insurance can play in their lives. One of these campaigns is "Insure Your Love" and it's a great way for you to start the conversation with your clients!

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An Annuity Sales Checklist You Can Count on One Hand


How do you approach the conversation of fixed or indexed annuities with your clients? Annuities may seem like an obvious investment when you're thinking about retirement income for a sharp financial advisor like yourself; however for the average client an annuity may seem like a financial abyss, or worse a scam. As an advisor it is your responsibility to educate your clients on the outstanding benefits a fixed or indexed annuity can offer. Use this checklist in your next client meeting and you may be surprised by the impact concise education can have on your close.

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Retirement Planning is Leading to an Increase in Advisor Training Tools

Six in ten financial advisors recognize that they cannot meet their clients' retirement goals without compiling a retirement income plan. With pensions becoming a thing of the past, annuities and life insurance policies play an increasingly important role in protecting the financial future of families and businesses. People are looking to their financial advisor for expertise in this arena. 

In fact, nearly two-thirds of advisors agree that by not providing retirement income planning options their practice could be threatened, because clients would switch to firms or advisors specializing in that service, reports InsuranceNewsNet Magazine. The numbers don't lie, to stay competitive in this industry and look out for your clients' financial future you must take into account their retirement income needs. 

Learn More: Is retirement planning the biggest part of your job?

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New Years Resolutions for Your Clients: Financial Health

We don't know about you, but it seems like 2016 flew by, and just like that the holidays are behind us and we're settling into a new year! If you've picked up any magazines or logged into a social media account in the last few days, you've no doubt been bombarded with all things New Year's resolutions. Most likely they're focused around a "new year, new you" and your mind wanders to eating more salads or heading to the gym. Resolutions are generally geared towards health and steered in the direction of maintaining a healthy body and/or mind, but what about financial health? Finances are a resolution for about 33% of Americans, but it can be hard to know where to start. We've compiled a list of resolutions for you to share with your clients this year as a way to help them get into top financial shape!

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