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With more than 25 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Mr. Moynihan possesses a unique skill-set utilized to differentiate mortality risks. He has extensive experience handling difficult risks as well as working with attending physicians, medical directors, and home office underwriters on behalf of financial advisors. Tim is also a contributor to several industry publications on various insurance solutions topics. He has also been the keynote speaker for AHOU, CLU, IAFP and IRUA meetings on the subject of insurance underwriting.

High Risk Life Insurance Underwriting at it's Finest

The Case Challenge:

A 75 yeaIr old gentleman was previously deemed uninsurable by 7 life companies for $9,000,000 of Survivorship coverage due to extensive coronary artery disease history. An initial clinical triage unveiled past inferior and anteroseptal heart attacks, diffuse coronary artery disease, enlarged heart, Stage II chronic kidney disease and a 2012 brain injury.

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The Pillars of Risk Differentiation Underwriting

Preparation & Perseverance: The Pillars of RDU

The express purpose of Risk Differentiation Underwriting (RDU) is designed to deliver high risk life insurance underwriting pricing based upon the individual merits of a client’s unique clinical profile, versus a risk assessment based upon the law of large numbers. In the arena of high-risk underwriting, RDU strategies are built to recognize specific idiosyncrasies of a clinical impairment in order to favorably separate that risk from an otherwise statistical/actuarial grouping. However, achievement in this regard requires an RDU practitioner committed to meticulous preparation and persevering earnestness.

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Big Cases with Big Ages- Family Office Elite Magazine

The big game hunter is a different breed. He is not your average weekend sportsman. He spends days and sometimes weeks planning and preparing his strategy for a successful campaign. His equipment is more expensive and his hours are longer, yet the reward for his efforts is handsome. Such is the life of a big game hunter and such is the job of a big case underwriter.

Big cases come in different shapes and sizes, but their lure is always the same … success. Everyone wants to bag the elephant, but few are truly prepared to do so. The purpose of this article is to provide guidance through the big case underwriting process, with special attention to the older age client.

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Don’t let your clients “Feel Like a Number”

Bob Seger may have stated it best;

“I feel like just another
 Spoke in a great big wheel
 Like a blade of grass
 In a great big field”

“I feel like a number”

The foundational goal of Risk Differentiation Underwriting (RDU) is to “turn the page” on Mr. Seger’s lyrics and change the title of his 1981 classic from “Feel Like a Number” to “Feel Like an Individual”

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In Life Insurance, Whatever Goes Around...Comes Around

The concept of unique underwriting strength as a market differentiator and quantifiable revenue engine has essentially been absent from the life insurance brokerage landscape for several years.

A decade of accelerated and, at times, ill-conceived introductions of unsubstantiated pricing tied to guaranteed universal life (GUL) products concomitant with broad-swath based table shave programs created an environment of underwriting neutrality.

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