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When will this Bull Market end?

Posted by BSMG on 24 Jul 2018

Anyone seen Doc Brown’s Delorean Around?

When will this Bull Market end? Short of grabbing a ride in Doc’s time machine, there’s no way to know…but it’s a hot topic right now. Almost every day there seems to be an article prognosticating that “The End is near for the Economic Boom” (Fortune July 19, 2018) or “Here’s why the Dow will hit 40,000 by 2025” (CNBC July 10, 2018).  There are convincing points on both sides for how long our “Bull” will last this time around. Buzzwords abound as well: Ultra-low unemployment, a looming trade war with China, the threat of inflation, persistently low interest rates, another bubble? Here's a question to consider. 

When do you begin surfacing this conversation with retirement-minded clients? Maybe you have already. Here’s another related item to consider – if they do take a portion of their investments out of the market, how can you help them make the money work harder than sitting on the sidelines?

A few Have you discussed supplement retirement income need`s, LTC risks and their legacy to their kids and grandkids? Your team at BSMG can help! We’ll offer unique solutions using a variety of “Risk Management” products (Life insurance, fixed/Indexed annuities, LTC solutions) that allow your clients to retain control of their assets, avoid market risk and obtain income tax-preferential treatment.

3 ideas for a small portion of client assets that are (at some point) moved out of the market:

  1. Clients in their 40’s may seek either income replacement (earning years) in the event of their death, or tax-deferred gains with tax-free withdrawals in retirement – Cash Value Life Insurance

  2. Clients in their 50’s may need to plan for their future LTC exposure and can get 7x their investment in Tax Free LTC  benefits - “Linked Benefit” products

  3. Clients in their 60’s may seek safety of principal, steady growth and guaranteed, lifetime income – Fixed/Fixed Indexed Annuities

Bull Market

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