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[Video Blog] On-Demand Webinar on Rescuing Overloaned Policies

Posted by BSMG on 29 Sep 2016

Does your client have a policy that has a 80% - 90% loan to value ratio? There are options available. Loan rescue is one of the best sales solution of the year! 

This is the ONLY sales opportunity where your client must take ACTION NOW.

BSMG's Proprietary Loan Rescue Program offers a solution for overloaned, underperforming whole life policies; up to 90% loan to value!  Watch the Webinar to hear about the best sales solution you will hear this year! 

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Webinar:  “Loan Rescue to Get Your Clients Out of The Danger Zone”

movie_Icon.jpgCheck out this great webinar on Loan Rescue below

Wistia video thumbnail - Loan Rescue Webinar

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