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2 Reasons to Consider the Foreign Nationals Market

Why Consider the Foreign Nationals Market?

#1 This Segment Is Growing Faster Than The Population And Is Typically More Affluent. 

Think of employees of multinational corporations stationed, physicians and medical professionals, academics and graduate students or purchasers of vacation properties.

#2 Foreign Nationals Have Unique Estate Planning Needs.

These potential clients require specialized information on strategies and planning. These needs arise based on their tax treatment under the U.S. tax code. Most Foreign Nationals aren’t aware of the considerable estate tax implications they may face, in the U.S. as well as in their home country. Life insurance can be a critical part of a comprehensive estate plan for these clients.

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Wealth Transfer: Why Are Advisors Missing the Mark?

How often do you lose the assets of a spouse or family members after a client dies? Research tells us that 90% of heirs will reject their parents’ advisors, and 70% of widows will change advisors after their husband’s death. In fact, the primary cause of an “advisor-client break-up” is the assets leaving as estates are executed. A big mistake made by advisors in this situation is being unprepared to capture the spousal transfer and/or intergenerational shift in wealth.

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