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[Video Blog] - A Growth and Protection Story

Posted by BSMG on 18 Jul 2017

People often underestimate the financial responsibilities of parents. Outside of careers and taking care of the kids, acting as a financial officer within a family can seem like a full-time job. This job can include tracking budgets, paying bills, and making decisions about savings. Debating on when and how much to save for retirement can fall into this category. With an unpredictable economy, we are often unsure of how to make these decisions as we get closer and closer to retirement. When to start saving? How much to save? Is the money being saved in the right place? These are questions better left to the professionals.

Watch and share this video from Lincoln Financial Group where you will meet Jane and Paul as they ask themselves these same questions. Having your clients see and learn from their story will be a surefire way to make a strong connection. This is the perfect chance to remind your clients of an important message: They are the ones in charge.

A Growth and Protection Story


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