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Unknown Facts That Affect Clients' Retirement

Posted by BSMG on 18 May 2015

Ask your clients:

  • Will you have enough MONEY for retirement?
  • How will you handle medical expenses in retirement if you or your spouse were to experience a serious illness?

The option for clients to access their death benefit while living can be an important deciding factor when purchasing a life insurance policy. Living benefits provide your clients the ability to turn their life insurance policy into a safety-net for the unexpected.

Use this client-facing infographic to highlight a few staggering statistics that may just change the way your clients feel about buying life insurance.

Client Risk for Chronic Illness Infographic

Life Insurance with Living Benefits Advisor Prospect Pack


  • Every 34 seconds an American has a coronary event
  • 75% of people who suffer a heart attack survive at least three years
  • Every 40 seconds an American has a stroke
  • 70% of people who suffer a stroke survive at least three years
  • Every 68 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s Disease
  • 5,000,000 Americans have Alzheimer’s today

Download the PDF version of this infographic


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