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Term to Permanent Life Insurance With a Chronic Illness Rider

[Case Study] 


Term life insurance to permanent life insurance with a  BenefitAccess Rider,1 enhances the term conversion process and makes it easier for you to offer both death and chronic illness protection to your clients. This case study shows just that.


Sharon, age 50, purchased her Term Essential 20 policy four years ago. Her expectation was that the policy would take her through her working years. After recently taking charge of caring for her chronically ill mother, Sharon realized that the possibility of being struck by a chronic illness could be a financial obstacle in retirement.

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Quick Tips for Creating Insurance Plans for Business Owners

Insurance Plan Designs for Business Owners - What to Consider

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Building a Future for Your Business Using ROP Term

Why Sell ROP Term

Return of Premium is a different type of term life policy. If clients with an ROP Term policy outlive their level premium payment period, they'll get all the policy premiums they have paid back at the end of the level term period - assuming of course that they have paid all premiums on time and their policy is in-force. Should they die, loved ones will receive full benefits, as always.

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Ladder Coverage With Term Riders: Have a Pitch in Your Back Pocket

Since policy rates are based on age and health you, as the advisor, really want your clients to buy a longer duration plan while they’re young and healthy. Maybe that 20 or 30 year policy is more expensive than they would like? This is when you may want to have a ladder strategy pitch in your back pocket.

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Keeping the Doctor Away With No Exam Life Insurance

Is No Exam Life Insurance Right for Your Client?

Agents across the nation are seeing a rapidly growing trend of families requesting no medical exam life insurance products. It isn’t for everyone, but it certainly has its place. 

For instance, you bring up the importance of life insurance for your client’s family security, but they have some concerns about having to undergo a medical exam. This should be an indication that a Simplified Issue Life Insurance policy may be up for discussion. Whether or not this no exam life insurance option is right for your client depends on your client’s needs, age, health, and buyer profile.

With the new “no-exam” programs coming to market, your healthy clients can now get the protection they need at generally the same price as traditionally underwritten products.

What are the indicators, you ask? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you, the advisor, should look for from your clients…

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Why Group Term Life Insurance Isn’t Enough

Have your clients told you they have the protection they need through their group life insurance policy?

Here are 10 facts to communicate the potential advantages of Individual Term Insurance and why group term insurance isn't enough...

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