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[Video Blog] LTC & Chronic Illness Riders

Living Benefits of Life Insurance Using Long-Term Care Riders (LTC) and Chronic Illness Riders

Dana Darlington, Vice President of Sales at Brokers' Service Marketing Group, discusses new ways your clients can access their death benefit while they are alive. Watch the Video Blog Now!

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The Three Rs of Successful Practice Building

Getting back in touch with your clients—“working your book”—can be a great way to build your practice. By staying top-of-mind you can increase the chance that your clients will reach out to you when a life change creates a new need. Whether it be for life insurance, an annutiy or even long term care planning. Plus, you may increase the chances of being referred to family and friends.

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2 Reasons to Consider the Foreign Nationals Market

Why Consider the Foreign Nationals Market?

#1 This Segment Is Growing Faster Than The Population And Is Typically More Affluent. 

Think of employees of multinational corporations stationed, physicians and medical professionals, academics and graduate students or purchasers of vacation properties.

#2 Foreign Nationals Have Unique Estate Planning Needs.

These potential clients require specialized information on strategies and planning. These needs arise based on their tax treatment under the U.S. tax code. Most Foreign Nationals aren’t aware of the considerable estate tax implications they may face, in the U.S. as well as in their home country. Life insurance can be a critical part of a comprehensive estate plan for these clients.

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[VIDEO BLOG] Finding Clients the Optimal Guaranteed Income Solution

To understand how an Indexed Annuity will provide more guaranteed income than any other solution, consider the hypothetical example in this video case study with Jesse Greenberg, Vice President, Sales.

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7 Sources for Potential Foreign National Clients

Take a quick look around you and think about the different faces you see every day on your way to work, getting coffee or in your neighborhood. The key to expanding your practice could be sitting right in front of you. 

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Unknown Facts That Affect Clients' Retirement

Ask your clients:

  • Will you have enough MONEY for retirement?
  • How will you handle medical expenses in retirement if you or your spouse were to experience a serious illness?

The option for clients to access their death benefit while living can be an important deciding factor when purchasing a life insurance policy. Living benefits provide your clients the ability to turn their life insurance policy into a safety-net for the unexpected.

Use this client-facing infographic to highlight a few staggering statistics that may just change the way your clients feel about buying life insurance.

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4 Most Common Regrets of Retirees

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 10,000 Boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 18 years.

For some people, retirement isn’t a topic that they enjoy talking about. Many Boomers entering retirement today who avoided discussions are faced with regret. The 4 most common regrets you'll hear from retirees are:

  1. I took my Social Security too soon.
  2. I went into retirement carrying too much debt.
  3. I failed to factor in the rising costs of health care and inflation.
  4. I've just waited too long to get started

In this day in age, retirees are healthier and more active than ever, and Baby Boomers seem to be staying younger longer. They blazed the trail for a change in generational standards by postponing life’s big decisions such as marriage, children and becoming home owners. In turn, this means that most have shied away from discussing and planning for their retirement. Unlike generations passed Boomers will probably see a longer and more fruitful retirement in the years to come. Here are some top facts related to today’s pre-retirees: 

  • Fewer than 20% of pre-retirees have planned how they will manage their cash flow in retirement.
  • 64% of pre-retirees do not expect to receive enough income from Social Security and employer pensions to cover their basic living expenses in retirement.
  • 74% of pre-retirees with a written plan are confident their money will last their lifetime.
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Where Will Your Clients Be When Bull Turns Bear?

Since March 2009, the S&P 500 has gained 171%. Pretty impressive, right? But, as history has shown us when long-run bull markets end, the decline can be pretty dramatic. 

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12 Questions Your Clients Have About Their Retirement Income Strategy

Be prepared to discuss everything

From mortgage to Medicare, life span to retirement income, potential retirees will have a wealth of questions. 

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