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Using Persona's to Get to Your Annuity Pot of Gold

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We thought we'd share a great tip to help you reach your own "pot of gold". Establishing and targeting personas is a key tool to grow your business and here's why.

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Life Insurance your Clients Don't have to Die to Use

Being able to retire when desired is a top concern across all families, ages and income brackets your clients may fall into. Americans can now expect to live up to 20-40 years in retirement, through all kinds of circumstances. For many of your clients, employer sponsored plans and IRAs will not be enough to provide them with sufficient retirement income

With these concerns on their minds, you may find yourself looking for new life insurance concepts and solutions to attract their business. One topic that we find appeals to clients and prospects is the idea that life insurance can be accessed while alive, and used as a safety-net for the unexpected, or annuitized for retirement income.

Watch and share this great video from AIG with clients and potential prospects who may be a good fit for life insurance with living benefits.

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8 Things Your Clients Need to Know About Social Security

Are you prepared to help your clients see the whole Social Security picture?

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Generation Matters: Connect With Clients and Generate Sales

Part of the key to connecting with clients lies in the ability to understand their generational points of view. In some cases, the generational differences are minor, and in others, they could prevent you from connecting with a consumer and turning him or her into a client.

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10 of the Best Financial Advisor Tools

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, just when you think you have figured something out there is a new upgrade or add-on that will make it even better. Now more than ever it is crucial for financial advisors to utilize and understand the tools available to them. So, to help you along the way BSMG has compiled 10 of the top tools that successful financial advisors and insurance professionals simply can't live without. 

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7 Ways Financial Advisors Can Acquire Prospective Clients

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 27 percent increase in financial advisor jobs through 2022 — more than twice the growth of employment overall. With this added competition, effective prospecting will become even more critical for financial advisors to continue to build their business.

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Term to Permanent Life Insurance With a Chronic Illness Rider

[Case Study] 


Term life insurance to permanent life insurance with a  BenefitAccess Rider,1 enhances the term conversion process and makes it easier for you to offer both death and chronic illness protection to your clients. This case study shows just that.


Sharon, age 50, purchased her Term Essential 20 policy four years ago. Her expectation was that the policy would take her through her working years. After recently taking charge of caring for her chronically ill mother, Sharon realized that the possibility of being struck by a chronic illness could be a financial obstacle in retirement.

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Advanced Sales: Leveraging Social Security Benefits With Life Insurance

High-net-worth individuals (HNWI) who are thinking of retirement may not need their Social Security retirement benefits to cover their fixed costs of living.

They may have other sources of income such as rental income, defined benefit pensions, K-1 “pass-through” income from ownership of S Corps or LLCs, required minimum distributions from IRAs, and other investment portfolio income. Whether they retire at the full Social Security retirement age of 66, or wait for a maximum benefit at age 70 to take advantage of a payout that may be over 30% higher than what they would have received at age 66, these clients will have to decide where to place their after-tax Social Security benefits.

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The 4 Most Common Risks In Retirement

  1. Market Volatility  
  2. Longevity 
  3. Inflation  
  4. Interest Rate Risk

Risk #1: Market Volatility

27% of Americans are worried the stock market will experience a major decline in the near future. 

In this fictional example, financial advisor Dave teaches you how to sell annuities as a way to mitigate client concerns about market fluctuations.

Over the years, Dave has been managing Karen’s account to maximize her growth potential. As Karen approaches retirement she has expressed her concern over what another market decline would do to her retirement income. She certainly does not want to “give back” or lose the gains she has made, yet she also wants to make sure her money continues to have growth potential. 

Read: Low Interest Rates & Market Turmoil: Managing Market Volatility with Fixed Index Annuities

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Ladder Coverage With Term Riders: Have a Pitch in Your Back Pocket

Since policy rates are based on age and health you, as the advisor, really want your clients to buy a longer duration plan while they’re young and healthy. Maybe that 20 or 30 year policy is more expensive than they would like? This is when you may want to have a ladder strategy pitch in your back pocket.

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