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How To Have Long Term Care Conversations That Lead to Sales

Can your clients realistically protect their retirement assets and income while covering long-term care costs?

Planning for long term care expenses plays an important role in wealth protection. We have spoken with many advisors who have been successful with fulfilling their clients need for long term care. The key to their success has come from addressing an individual's unique needs and concerns, rather than simply discussing the overarching - and sometimes overwhelming - topic of LTC.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Long Term Care Awareness Month

November is recognized as Long Term Care Awareness Month, and as such, it is the ideal time to focus on LTC planning.

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[Video Blog] LTC & Chronic Illness Riders

Living Benefits of Life Insurance Using Long-Term Care Riders (LTC) and Chronic Illness Riders

Dana Darlington, Vice President of Sales at Brokers' Service Marketing Group, discusses new ways your clients can access their death benefit while they are alive. Watch the Video Blog Now!

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[On-Demand Webinar] 5Ws of Chronic Illness Care

Brokers’ Service Marketing Group and Prudential, are proud to bring you this informative and factual webinar about chronic illness in America, presented by industry expert Dr. Bob Pokorski, Vice President and Medical Director, Individual Life Insurance at Prudential.

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Preparing Your Brain for A Longer Life

A recent study showed that our brain is wired to see our future self as a stranger. The good news is, now that we understand this tendency, we can do something about it.

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The 5 Ws of Chronic Illness Care

Life expectancies are increasing and new medications are being created to treat many conditions. Generally speaking, people are living longer. There's a renewed sense of focus and attention to living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, and exercising. That said, there is still one glaring concern that could throw a monkey wrench into someone's plans – the existence of a Chronic Illness and subsequent care of that illness. Now more than ever your clients should have Long Term Care (LTC) or Chronic Illness (CI) riders on their life policies.

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