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7 Ways Financial Advisors Can Acquire Prospective Clients

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 27 percent increase in financial advisor jobs through 2022 — more than twice the growth of employment overall. With this added competition, effective prospecting will become even more critical for financial advisors to continue to build their business.

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Dust Off The Old Book & Reconnect With Clients

Don’t let the awkwardness of dusty relationships keep you from re-energizing them. It happens. Time passes, life moves on, and you lose touch with clients.

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Creating New Sales Opportunities From Existing Clients

Preparing for an unexpected death, retirement shortfall or long term care event could bring to light unmet needs, and open opportunities for you to help clients. A policy review is a great way to uncover changes in needs that have come about over the years.

Do you have existing clients who are due for a policy review?

To ease into a conversation about life insurance, consider asking your clients:

  • If they’ve recently reviewed their beneficiaries
  • Whether their coverage is through work and how a job change may affect that coverage
  • If their coverage has kept up with how their lives have changed
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BSMG Launches Blog sharing expertise for advisor success!

Are you constantly searching the web for ideas to help strengthen your financial services practice or get better results? Look no further! We have the people, expertise, and information to make it happen.

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