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Moving Life Insurance Videos to Share with Your Clients

If you were to open up your briefcase right now how many marketing pieces would you find? If you're like most advisors you'll have a plethora of product guides, carrier brochures and fliers. While we don't advise throwing these materials away, as they are certainly useful, we do want you to think outside the box. There is a world of powerful client marketing materials right at your finger tips, and more specifically right in your pocket. 

Use that cell phone that we all have on hand 24/7 and share some of the below videos with your clients. Each of these videos shares a message related to the importance of life insurance to protect families and loved ones. Check out 4 of our favorite videos below from Life Happens

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Budget Friendly Marketing Tools for Financial Advisors

All too often when financial advisors or insurance professionals hear the word "marketing", their minds wander to dollar signs and expensive outsourcing. While some forms of marketing and advertising can be pricey, there are ways to market inexpensively and even at no cost! Check out these four ways to market your practice on a shoestring below.

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Earn New Referrals by Delivering Gold Medal Service

Did you know that 65% of new business for Financial Advisors comes from referrals? That means more than half of your new business may already be coming from previous customers. Are your clients referring you? Here are some tips that will help you boost your business and achieve a Gold Medal in generating sales through referrals.

At some point in your life you have likely reached out to someone who was referred to you by a family member or friend. These exchanges are usually spontaneous and natural, which is likely the reason they are so successful. What made you connect with that referral?

Naturally, people want to do business with someone they can trust and count on. A referral is essentially a personal reference and free testimonial advertisement. These transactions provide the prospective client with a sense of assurance in your services, and trust in your business. You've then already overcome the hurdle of the client finding your business without having to spend any money or seek them out on your own.

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5 Tips to Provide Gold Medal Service as a Financial Advisor

Did you know the first summer Olympics were hosted 120 years ago in Greece? That means, for the last 120 years, athletes have been working their hardest to become the best in their sport. With the Olympics kicking off this week, we wanted to look into some ways that you can become a gold medal financial advisor for your clients! Check out the top 5 ways to win the gold and wow your clients below. 

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5 Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid part 2

As a follow-up to our other Top Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid blog, we've compiled 5 additional common mistakes to make sure your clients avoid. Check out these mistakes below and share them with your clients!

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Top Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing a life insurance policy is a major decision for many clients. The decision that they make will ultimately affect their future and the future of their loved ones. As financial advisors it is important to keep your clients informed and always point them in a clear direction.

We've compiled a list of the top life insurance mistakes and how to avoid them. Share them with your clients to ensure they don't make these costly mistakes.

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HENRY's- High Earners Not Rich Yet

We know that you're used to hearing about millennials, since we've posted about them here quite a few times... but what about HENRY's (High Earners Not Rich Yet)? This may not be an acronym that you recognize, however we're sure you've got quite a few prospects that fall into this category. 

HENRY's make for great prospects however, they are often overlooked. These potential clients are looking for guidance so a financial advisor is a perfect match. 

So who are HENRY's? They are the high earners who are not rich yet and have household incomes between $100k-$249.9k and control about 40% of all consumer spending.

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Top 5 Annuity Blogs

June 2016 marks the third annual Annuity Awareness Month. In celebration we are highlighting for you our top 5 annuity blogs. These blogs were chosen because they have been our most viewed and shared posts related to annuities. Take a look at Brokers' Service Marketing Group's Top 5 Annuity Blogs. 

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10 Reasons Why Your Clients Need Life Insurance in Retirement

When your helping your clients prepare for retirement are you making sure they know about the benefits of life insurance? Although this isn't always the easiest conversation to have it is one that is critical to the well being of your clients and their families. While it's nice to think of retirement as sandy beaches or extended getaways, make sure your clients are prepared in the event that something unexpected happens.

Share with them these 10 reasons why it is critical they add life insurance into their retirement planning strategy.

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What Every Client Should Know About Permanent Life Insurance

With so many different types of life insurance policies available it's easy for clients to feel overwhelmed or in over their heads. Most permanent policies can provide life insurance protection for their lifetime, but choosing the right one is not easy.

Make sure you mention these important points to your clients to help them better understand their purchase of a permanent life insurance policy.

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