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Carrier Insights into the DOL Fiduciary Ruling

Throughout the past year we have made it a point to keep you up to date on the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Ruling. We first began talking about this back in February when we weren't sure exactly what was going to happen. Then in April once the final ruling was here we began talking about how this was going to effect our industry and the products we all sell.

Since April, we've been sharing webinars and videos from industry experts on how they feel this ruling will effect the industry and our day to day activities. On August 4th we'll be sharing how the DOL Fiduciary Regulations may affect life insurance sales. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the DOL felt it was necessary to include life sales in the Fiduciary Regulations
  • How the new fiduciary definition and exemptions apply to life insurance agents
  • How it will impact life sales and strategies
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[Video Blog] DOL Ruling Jeff Bush

In a continued effort to keep you informed on the recent DOL ruling, Brokers' Service Marketing Group brings you this expert presentation by The Washington Update's Jeff Bush

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The Post DOL World for Annuities


June is recognized as Annuity Awareness Month, and as such, it is the ideal time to start a conversation with your clients. However, how will the recent DOL rule effect these conversations and your sales process?

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[Video Blog] DOL Ruling Recorded Webinar

Brokers' Service Marketing Group brings you insight into the DOL Ruling in this expert webinar recording. 

A dynamic and insightful speaker and author, Jeff Bush is known for his unique ability to translate difficult and confusing tax and fiscal information coming out of Washington D.C. into winning growth strategies for business owners, executives and high-net-worth investors.  Jeff is a colleague of Andy Friedman and an integral part of The Washington Update, the industry’s NONPARTISAN experts on all things Washington.

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The Final DOL Ruling is Here- 3 Key Take Aways

Last week the DOL issued final regulations that expand the definition of "fiduciary" for IRA sales. This ruling brings to light 3 key questions that we have done our best to answer for you briefly here. If you are affiliated with a Broker Dealer, RIA, or Insurance Carrier, you need to know their interpretation of the rule, as it could affect selling procedures for Variable or Fixed Indexed IRA annuities.

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