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Distribution Options for Inherited Non-Qualified Annuities

Do you have clients who own annuities, who are in poor health or have recently passed away? If so, you may be wondering what the distribution options are for the beneficiary of the contract. This is a question that comes up frequently in the annuity world. 

In this article, we take a look at inherited non-qualified annuities for spouses, non-spouses and trusts.

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The Secret to Combating Longevity Risk with Fixed Indexed Annuities

 "52% of consumers did not save enough money prior to retiring, and 77% believe they have insufficient protection from the possibility of outliving their income." According to Genworth's survey "The Future of Retirement Income." Read More

Four Ways To Grow Client Interest in Annuities


Fixed indexed annuities posted $16.2 billion in sales through June 30, which is 30% higher than the same period last year...Fixed indexed annuities attained their highest-ever annual sales total last year, reported InvestmentNews.

How are you presenting annuities to your clients? Do you tee up the conversation before just jumping straight into why they should purchase an annuity? Often clients will become reserved if someone recommends the purchase of an annuity without totally comprehending the details of what the product really is and can do. The best way to present annuities to your clients is through story telling; paint a picture with the most favorable outcomesIf you describe all the advantages annuities offer to secure retirement, then explain the product, your client is more likely to be receptive and willing to purchase an annuity. 

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An Annuity Sales Checklist You Can Count on One Hand


How do you approach the conversation of fixed or indexed annuities with your clients? Annuities may seem like an obvious investment when you're thinking about retirement income for a sharp financial advisor like yourself; however for the average client an annuity may seem like a financial abyss, or worse a scam. As an advisor it is your responsibility to educate your clients on the outstanding benefits a fixed or indexed annuity can offer. Use this checklist in your next client meeting and you may be surprised by the impact concise education can have on your close.

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How Trump's Presidency May Affect the Insurance Industry

As you've no doubt seen, all over every major news network and social media site, Friday was Inauguration Day. It was a busy day in Washington and many of us are wondering what changes the industry is facing with the donning of a new president. Although it is too soon to tell, there are many thoughts and opinions surrounding Trump's Presidency and how it will affect financial advisors and insurance brokers alike. We've compiled a list of industry articles below, and as always, we'll be sure to keep you updated as we catch wind of any changes.

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Retirement Planning is Leading to an Increase in Advisor Training Tools

Six in ten financial advisors recognize that they cannot meet their clients' retirement goals without compiling a retirement income plan. With pensions becoming a thing of the past, annuities and life insurance policies play an increasingly important role in protecting the financial future of families and businesses. People are looking to their financial advisor for expertise in this arena. 

In fact, nearly two-thirds of advisors agree that by not providing retirement income planning options their practice could be threatened, because clients would switch to firms or advisors specializing in that service, reports InsuranceNewsNet Magazine. The numbers don't lie, to stay competitive in this industry and look out for your clients' financial future you must take into account their retirement income needs. 

Learn More: Is retirement planning the biggest part of your job?

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Is retirement planning the biggest part of your job?

Have you, like other advisors, experienced the shift in job responsibilities and title from financial planner to retirement income planner? In today's society, a financial planner is synonymous with the retirement planning process. What has caused the shift in responsibilities? Many say it's not a surprising trend seeing as baby boomers are the largest generation to enter retirement years.

A recent study by the Urban Institute reported the baby boomer generation is changing the retirement game due to better health care, longer life expectancy and more financial responsibilities. The study said that men who are 65 years old are projected to live six years longer than those who turned 65 in 1970.  This generation is also working longer than previous generations. Partly due to better health, but also to afford the increased costs of living. Some adults may even benefit from more Social Security by working longer. Overall they are working longer to be able to afford their future.

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[Client-Approved Annuity Videos] Help Your Clients Plan for Retirement

Most likely you have some clients who hear the word annuities and develop a blank stare of confusion or concern. This conversation can be confusing for clients, especially if it's the first time they're hearing it. Recently, Great American came out with client-approved videos that help to provide a basic understanding of how annuities work, and where they may fit in an overall retirement portfolio. 

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5 Reasons Clients Should Consider Fixed Annuities


Market Volatility, Bond Market Risk, Low Interest Rates, Portfolio Depletion and Unpredictability.

These are the main reasons clients are skeptical of Annuities. So how can you, the advisor or financial professional, turn the negative into a positive for your clients.


Since 2000, consumers have borne witness to the S&P 500® Index dropping approximately 50%, two times.1 The volatility in 2008 was unlike anything ever recorded with the Volatility Index (VIX), often referred to as the “investor fear gauge,” reaching 89.53 in October, a number representing a quadrupled expectation of market volatility.2

At the same time, interest rates, as measured by the 10-year Treasury bond yield, have continued their three-decade decline since a peak of almost 16% in 1981.3 As of May 1st 2015 the 10-year treasury was 2.12%.4 Additionally, the current average rate on a five-year jumbo certificate of deposit (CD) is 0.93%.5

The Power of Annuities in a Retirement Strategy: Download Your Copy

The timing of this mixture of volatility and low rates could not be worse. The 78 million-strong baby boomer population began hitting age 65 in 2011, and will continue to do so for the next 15 years, to the tune of almost 10,000 per day.6

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Annuity Videos to Share with Your Clients

Just because it's life insurance awareness month doesn't mean that we need to leave annuities in the dark! We've talked about them quite a bit over last few months, however for the most part it has been in regards to the recent DOL ruling. Today we're going to bring you some highlights from the annuity world. Check out these great video's from Lincoln and best of all they are approved to share with your clients!

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