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Top 10 Life Insurance Blogs for Life Insurance Awareness Month

Posted by BSMG on 11 Sep 2017

In celebration of Life Insurance Awareness Month, we're bringing you the most popular life insurance blogs posted by BSMG! 


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1. 10 Reasons Why Life Insurance is a Viable Asset Class
Life Insurance as an Asset Class: Did you know that the underlying mathematical principles dictate that life insurance is the highest returning and safest asset a client can own?
2. Why Your Clients Aren't Buying Life Insurance
How do you respond to client concerns about purchasing insurance? Be prepared to address common client concerns and refusals by having the best possible ice-breakers at your fingertips.
3. Use This Strategy to Close More Life Insurance Sales
Life Insurance Sales Tips: Using the "Balanced Approach" to life insurance as a sales strategy. 6 Steps, plus tools to help agents close sales.
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4. Top 6 Tax Advantages of Life Insurance
Are you aware of the tax advantages of life insurance that are not found in other financial assets? They can help to protect, accumulate, and transfer wealth.
5. Become a "Master" of the Term Life Insurance Marketplace
Term Life Tips for Financial Advisors: A financial plan without life insurance is like a golf bag without a putter! What's your tool when it comes to selling term?
6. I'd Sell More Life Insurance If...
Have you ever wondered what you need to do to sell more life insurance? Here are the most common responses we received from financial professionals.
7. 9 Key Steps to Nurturing Life Insurance Leads
We're sure you know that you can't grow your business without growing your sales pipeline. Use these tips to find and nurture life insurance leads!
8. Minimizing Tax Implications - Use Life Insurance for Retirement Income
When looking at investment options, a common concern is the taxation of those vehicles. There are three general categories that dollars fall into.
9. 3 Spooky Life Insurance Stories
No coverage? Coverage in just the nick of time? Just barely having the right type of coverage? 3 scenarios your clients do not want to leave up to chance...
10. 4 Reasons to Sell Life Insurance to Multicultural Clients
Here's some great facts on the 4 multicultural markets with increasing buying power in America. Attract clients and sell life insurance to these diverse markets to grow your business as a financial professional.

Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

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