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[Video Blog] Protect Your Clients' Retirement with QLACs

Posted by BSMG on 23 Jun 2017

60% of Baby Boomers are More Afraid of Outliving Their Retirement Savings Than Their Death

How are you answering your clients' No. 1 fear of running out of money in retirement? BSMG's VP, Retirement Wealth Strategies, Rob Cantin, discusses how Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) can protect your clients' retirement income and increase your annuity sales. 

Data reports that the average person in their 50's has approximately $117,000 saved for retirement. So, how can you help maximize your clients' retirement savings and reassure their concerns? QLACs could be the answer! One of the primary advantages of a QLAC is the opportunity to receive a higher monthly benefit than other traditional annuities.
In this 3-minute video presentation Rob covers the regulations, requirements, industry practices and the ideal target audiences for QLACs.
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