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On Demand Webinar: An Overview & Discussion of the DOL Fiduciary Regulations as they relate to Life Sales

Posted by BSMG on 5 Aug 2016

In a continued effort to keep you informed on the recent DOL ruling, Brokers' Service Marketing Group recently hosted this webinar with AIG's Deidra Hubenak.

movie_Icon.jpgAn Overview and Discussion of the DOL Fiduciary Regulations as they relate to Life Sales


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Deidra Hubenak joined AIG in March 2016 as the Vice President of Advanced Markets for AIG Financial Distributors. She has over 25 years of experience in Tax law and gained valuable industry experience starting her career with the “Big 4” accounting firms before attending law school. After law school, she focused on assisting closely held businesses and high net worth individuals with tax, executive compensation, succession, retirement, charitable and estate planning and has been a frequent speaker on these subjects.

In this presentation Deidra digs into how the DOL Fiduciary Regulations may affect life insurance sales. She covers the following topics:

  • Why the DOL felt it was necessary to include life insurance sales in the Fiduciary Regulations
  • How the new fiduciary definition and exemptions apply to life insurance agents
  • How it will impact life insurance sales and strategies

To download Deidra's presentation click here.

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The DOL ruling is an important topic that we have been covering since we first heard of the proposed regulations back in February and we have continued to keep you up to date since. Deidra's presentation was a unique view into how the regulations will affect life sales and the life insurance industry as a whole. For specific questions you can contact our in house expert Russel Towers at

Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

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