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Top 5 Annuity Blogs

Posted by BSMG on 9 Jun 2016

June 2016 marks the third annual Annuity Awareness Month. In celebration we are highlighting for you our top 5 annuity blogs. These blogs were chosen because they have been our most viewed and shared posts related to annuities. Take a look at Brokers' Service Marketing Group's Top 5 Annuity Blogs. 



  1. video_blog_2.pngRDM Optimization Strategy
    In this video blog, Evan Graff discusses an RMD optimization strategy that many of our advisors are utilizing to help boost annuity sales. 

  2. 5 Reason Clients Avoid Annuities
    These are the main reasons clients are skeptical of Annuities. So how can you, the advisor or financial professional, turn the negative into a positive for your clients.

  3. mistakes_in_retirement-1.png4 Most Common Risks In Retirement
    1. Market Volatility  
    2. Longevity 
    3. Inflation  
    4. Interest Rate Risk

  4. Tax Advantages of Annuities
    We all balk at the many get rich quick schemes clients may be exposed to today. However, have you ever stopped to think about whether their current investment strategy is driving them to slowly go broke? 

  5. video_blog-1.png[VIDEO BLOG] Finding Clients the Optimal Guaranteed Income Solution
    To understand how an Indexed Annuity will provide more guaranteed income than any other solution, consider the hypothetical example in this video case study with Jesse Greenberg, Vice President of Annuity  Sales for BSMG.

    The Power of Annuities in a Retirement Strategy: Download Your Copy

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