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How Trump's Presidency May Affect the Insurance Industry

Posted by BSMG on 23 Jan 2017

As you've no doubt seen, all over every major news network and social media site, Friday was Inauguration Day. It was a busy day in Washington and many of us are wondering what changes the industry is facing with the donning of a new president. Although it is too soon to tell, there are many thoughts and opinions surrounding Trump's Presidency and how it will affect financial advisors and insurance brokers alike. We've compiled a list of industry articles below, and as always, we'll be sure to keep you updated as we catch wind of any changes.

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5 Industry Articles Related to Trump's Presidency

  1. Life Insurers Gather Momentum, Face Risk and Reward in 2017 - This article takes a look at how life insurers were doing in the market throughout 2016, how the election results impacted them and some things that we can expect to see.

  2. What does a Trump presidency mean for the P&C industry? - If you work within the Property & Casualty (P&C) Industry this is a good read. Compiled are some thoughts about what a Trump presidency, coupled with a Republican Congress, could mean for the industry. (Keep in mind this article is from early November, a few days after the election results were announced).

  3. How Presidential Elections Affect the Markets - Merrill Lynch looks at the ways the presidential election has affected the markets over the years. The article notes that "Bulls, bears, elephants and donkeys: White House races and volatility often go hand in hand."

  4. Could the presidential election affect your investments? - This is a great article for you to share with your clients as they may be wondering how their investments will be affected. We hear a lot about how the presidency will affect the stock market but not individual investments. This is also a great conversation starter for new clients as well.

  5. As Trump Takes Office, Tax Policy Questions Fly - LifeHealth Pro looks at how bank executives are wondering what will happen to bank-owned life insurance (BOLI). "For members of the life insurance and annuity communities, the Trump inauguration marked the official start of another chapter in the long-running fight to protect the current tax treatment of the products used to shield Americans against the risks of death, disability and outliving retirement savings."
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Have you heard of other ways that our industry could be affected in the coming year?

Any concerns topping your list?

What are some questions that you've been hearing from your clients?

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