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How a Financial Advisor Can Reach the New Generation of Clients

Posted by BSMG on 15 Jan 2015

Looking for a new approach to growing your practice and reaching the next generation of clients? Offering your clients a financial planning meeting for their children, can deepen your relationships and help grow your practice.

A Tip for How to Get Clients as a Financial Advisor:

As your baby boomer clients continue to age, their children begin to mature. This next generation of potential clients wants advice on how to manage their financial lives. With so many choices both online and off, these new “earners” don’t know how to get started – so they do what’s easiest – nothing. You have possibly the best access to helping them make decisions and get started, their parents.

Think about your clients over the age of 60 and some of their top concerns. You may have already had a discussion with them about protecting their legacy. How do you increase the likelihood that their children will keep those assets with you? Offer to help them. One of the first steps is ensuring that their children are educated and enabled to take care of their own planning needs. Start the conversation and develop the relationship early. Your clients will truly appreciate your willingness to help their kids.

 A few great ways to connect with your client's children:

  • Offer free consultations to their children in exchange for an introduction. This can be a great time to have a life insurance conversation with newlyweds and new parents about getting the coverage they need to keep their families safe. tioTERM allows you to take care of this in less than 10 minutes.
  • Offer free sample services. You may find investment opportunities with some of these younger clients that they did not even know they had.
  • Provide educational information covering key topics: saving for retirement, protecting their families with life insurance, student loan management & college planning for grandkids.

Start the conversation, and you’ll be surprised at how much your clients will appreciate you offering to help their kids, and how this also strengthens your ability to reap the benefits of serving the next generation.

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