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Posted by BSMG on 1 Jun 2017

June not only marks the beginning of summer, it also marks the beginning of Annuity Awareness Month! This is a great time to talk to your clients about annuities. According to LIMRA, Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) sales hit record levels in 2016, and there is a reason why! Find out more about the power of annuities with our top annuity blogs below. 


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BSMG's Most Popular Annuity Blogs! #AnnuitiesTweet: 
BSMG's Most Popular Annuity Blogs! #Annuities

  1. DOL-3.jpgWill Indexed Annuity Sales Fall Because of the DOL Ruling?
    We've heard a lot about the DOL's Fiduciary Rule over the last few months,but how will it affect annuities?

  2. RMD_Calc.jpgRMD Optimization Strategy
    Learn about an RMD optimization strategy that many advisors are using with our brainshark. Evan Graff discusses an RMD optimization strategy that many of our advisors are utilizing. 

  3. 5_Reasons.jpg5 Reasons Clients Avoid Annuities
    Help Clients Adapt to a Changing Landscape. The benefits you should communicate to your client to help dispel their pre-conceived perceptions about FIAs.

  4. Golf Smal.pngThe Secret to Combating Longevity Risk with Fixed Indexed Annuities
    Fixed Index Annuity sales continue to grow with their added protection against longevity risks and guaranteed income riders.

  5. Tax_Advantages.jpgTax Advantages of Annuities
    This tax season educate your clients on the benefits and tax advantages of annuities. 
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  6. id_sell_more_if.jpgI'd Sell More Annuities If...
    Have you ever wondered what you need to do to sell more annuities? Here are the most common responses we received from financial professionals.

  7. Annuity_Videos.jpgAnnuity Videos to Share with Your Clients
    Highlights from the annuity world! Share these videos with your clients and show them the benefits of adding annuities to their retirement portfolio!

  8. Annuity Small 43.pngDistribution Options for Inherited Non-Qualified Annuities
    In this Advanced Sales Solutions article, we take a look at inherited non-qualified annuities for spouses, non-spouses and trusts.

  9. Annuity CHecklist Small.pngAn Annuity Sales Checklist You Can Count on One Hand
    Use this one handed annuity sales checklist to educate your clients on the different types of annuities and grow your sales in 2017. 

  10. 4 Ways to Grow Annuities Small.pngFour Ways To Grow Client Interest in Annuities
    Present annuities to your client in a way that will maximize the product features using these four methods.

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