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BSMG's 15th Annual Charity Invitaitonal

Posted by BSMG on 17 Jun 2016

On Monday, June 13th we hosted our 15th annual charity invitational. Each year we host our Charity Invitational to support two local Rhode Island charities, Amos House and Day One. Amos House is a nonprofit social services agency that provides hospitality and direct services to the homeless and poor of Rhode Island. Day One is an agency whose mission is to reduce the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence as well as to support and advocate for those affected by it. Day One is the only organization of this kind and actively participates in national reform. 


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This event consists of a morning meeting followed by a day of Golf or exploring Newport Vineyards, and it concludes with a live auction and raffle proceeding dinner. 

During this year's morning meeting, we conducted a "Round Robin" session where each of our 150 financial advisors heard sales ideas from 4 different carriers. Below are some of the topics that our 15 carrier sponsors brought to the table. 

  • Balanced Life Portfolio
  • GUL (Guaranteed Universal Life) & GUL PLUS with a GRO( Guaranteed Refund Option) Rider
  • Income Advantage IUL (Indexed Universal Life) Options
  • LTC (Long Term Care) Planning
  • Using GUL as a Financial Hedge to Clients
  • Chronic Illness Riders as a Flexible Benefit
  • Non-Qualified Retirement Supplemental Plan
  • Selling to Small Business Owners
  • Estate Planning for Foreign Nationals
  • Practice Management Tips
  • Maximize Your Client's Legacy
  • Eliminating NIGO's (Not In Good Order) with e-Applications
  • Loan Rescue- Preventing a Lapse of Coverage for Clients
  • Life Insurance Solutions for Women
  • 2 Policies vs. a Single Policy
  • Guaranteed Rising Income Solutions
  • Using Insurance as an Asset to Supplement College Funding & Retirement Planning
  • Using Accelerated Underwriting to Boost Sales & Reduce Cost of Doing Business
  • GUL with Return of Premium and Living Benefits
  • SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuity) with Liquidity
  • LIR (Lifetime Income Rider) in Index Annuities
  • DOL (Department of Labor) Ruling and Annuities
  • Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities

Do any of these topics sound intriguing to you? Call us or email us at for more detailed supporting materials. 

The 15th Annual Charity Invitational was a huge success. In addition to enjoying a day filled with education and terrific activities, Brokers’ Service Marketing Group raised over $40,000 in donations destined for local community charities Amos House and Day One.

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