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Before & After: Transforming Premiums with Vitality

Posted by BSMG on 3 Jun 2015

What if you could provide your clients with a valuable and rewarding insurance solution that could also differentiate you in the market? 

John Hancock Term With Vitality

With John Hancock's new Term with Vitality your clients can save as much as 10% on their initial premium when compared to a Term product without Vitality.


Premium Comparison

After the first policy year, premiums will adjust based on the Vitality Status acheived by the life insured. Take a closer look and see how a higher Vitality Status can Save your clients money year after year.



A Whole New Approach to Selling Life Insurance - Whitepaper Download

Talk to your clients about how Vitality offers:

  • Lower life insurance premiums
  • Extra motivation and support for living a healthier life
  • Immediate rewards and discounts for engaging in the program
  • A free Fitbit® to help track their activities

The program allows you, the advisor, to:

  • Deliver more value and strengthen client relationships
  • Open doors for new clients and referrals
  • Engage clients through their lives
  • Talk to your clients about living  for today while still planning for the future


Learn more about Vitality

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