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6 Reasons Singles Should Get Life Insurance

Posted by BSMG on 6 Jul 2016

Life insurance is often overlooked by those who aren't depended on financially by others. When we are young and independent life insurance is often the last thing on our minds but it shouldn't be!  


It's assumed that Life Insurance is for married couples only, but being young and independent is the perfect time to take advantage of the perks of Life Insurance. Below are the top six reasons why singles should take advantage of life insurance now. 



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Life insurance is capable of solving many financial issues for singles and their families

  • Offering lower rates due to age and health;
  • Providing coverage should they start a family;
  • Providing collateral for loans and supporting payment obligations;
  • Final expenses and debts; and  
  • Funding potential extended care or terminal illness situations.

6 Important Talking Points to Successfully Sell Life Insurance to Singles:

1. Loan Debt

Most bank loans aren't forgiven in the event of a death so if anyone co-signed your student, car or other bank loans they would be responsible for paying it off should anything happen to you.

2. Sharing a House or Apartment

Getting life insurance is very important if you're living with a roommate because they are relying on you to help pay bills and rent. If you were to die prematurely your roommate would take on the financial burden if you weren't covered by life insurance.

3. Protecting a Future family

Getting life insurance now, while you're young and single will help protect your future husband and children. 

4. Lock in Low Rates 

Age and health are two major factors in determining life insurance rates. Being young and healthy you'll be able to lock in the lowest possible rates now.

5. Familial Responsibilities 

If a family member is sick, has special-needs, needs to be cared for as they age, etc... and you are helping support them financially then life insurance can provide money to help care for your family should anything happen to you. 

6. Funeral Expenses

In the event of your untimely death you wouldn't want to leave your parents, partner and other family members to both grieve and worry about the costs of the funeral.

Getting life insurance while you're young would be one of the most useful assets in your financial portfolio. If you need more information on the of life insurance click here.

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